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About me

HI, I am David, known Elsewhere by SSAdventurer or simply TheCaptain. I have been a GM for 6/7 years taking up the GM mantle from the offset. I specialise in Homebrew Sandbox campaign, making players choices really matter not only in their story, but in the overall story of the world. Everything you do will have a butterfly effect that will both be seen and heard about by your characters through NPC's. I am slowly expanding my repertoire of TTRPG's recently expanding into the pathfinder 2e space and Shadowrun sixth world.

GM style

All my Games are run to a high standard, I pride myself on my ability to weave a story and bring multiple characters with vastly different backgrounds and personalities together. Most of my games are slight meat grinders, but I do tend to give Fairly powerful items out quite early on to ensure and aid your survival. My worlds are fully homebrewed, from pantheons, to the different planes of existence, you still have the opportunity to visit all your favourites like the fey wilds and abyss, they may however be altered, to better fit their connection to the world


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