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Hello adventurers! My name is Sqnt (pronounced "Squint") and I've been playing D&D for three years, two of them as an in-person DM. I decided to take my DMing online because I had a great DM in my first online campaign as a player which really helped me develop a love for D&D — and I want to be able to do that for someone else! I especially enjoy emphasizing the social aspect of D&D. I believe the game is at its best when players engage with each other in character by sharing ideas, making plans, and collaborating to build a vibrant and exciting world together. I encourage players to engage in small talk and work together in character to make meaningful decisions that shape the world they inhabit. For me, the most rewarding moments in D&D come from the connections forged by creating a story that is unique to the people on the board. I'm currently focusing on an episodic one-shot series, "Demigods of Theros," based on the "Mythic Odysseys of Theros," an official D&D sourcebook/setting (first appearing in Magic the Gathering) inspired by Greek mythology. It consists of five one-shots where players roll beefed-up demigod characters who are sent on missions by their divine parents. Each one-shot in the series is a different mission genre (heist, political intrigue, horror, classic dungeon crawl, and war/siege) with players starting at Level 12 and entering the last session at Level 20. Feel free to message me to learn more, find out about upcoming public sessions, or if you have a group interested in private "Demigods of Theros" sessions!

GM style

As a DM I strive to make each of my adventures a unique and thrilling experience by incorporating different mission styles such as heists, horror, classic dungeon crawls, siege/war, and RP experiences such as political intrigue to keep things fresh and exciting for my players. While I generally stick to the rules, I'm open to occasionally bending them and finding loopholes if it creates a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. I encourage players to interact with each other in character when discussing their ideas and plans, and then come to me as the DM to see how they can be brought to life in the game. My ultimate goal is to create a collaborative and immersive experience where everyone feels engaged and invested in the story. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, I'm excited to work with you to create adventures in the worlds of D&D!

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