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Spike Murphy-Rose
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4 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Sets the Mood, Visual Aid

About me

I have been DMing games for more than a quarter century, and am well versed in dozens of rule systems with an emphasis on D&D. I prefer to tell narrative, larger-than-life stories that center around the characters in the party and which evoke strong emotions, ranging from joy to sorrow. My games are also very tactical, encouraging and teaching people how to use the rules systems to the fullest to express their character and let them live up to their player's expectations. Ultimately, my goal is to let my players have fun and give them a rich and engaging world that they feel connected to. In addition to my decades of DMing experience, I have also been published in or helped in the rules design of a number of 3rd party 5E D&D products and produce and host the RPG Obsession podcast.

GM style

My preferred gaming style is what I consider "All In", and my DMing style is best described as Kubrickian; I want you to have an experience, and I want my players to FEEL something. I see DMing as an art form similar to that of a movie/tv/theater director, and as such it is a DM's job to ensure that every element of the play experience immerses the players in the moment as much as possible. I like to explore the many facets and oddities of game worlds and the ways in which RPGs allow us to express ourselves in ways that even the most state of the art special FX is not able to capture. I run highly tactical, high octane visceral combats that run the gamut from gritty brawls in a muddy back alley to Final Fantasy-esque battles with deific entities and living emotions. I am very method with my NPCs and monsters, developing a voice, personality and motivations for each, spending time researching any relevant cultures and appropriate accents using the International Dialectal English Archive. I use 3D terrain and minis to build set piece encounters, and do the same with digital assets for VTT play. For IRL games I frequently employ practical FX such as custom lighting, tabletop fog machines, and pyrotechnics; I have intentionally lit myself on fire while DMing . . . twice! I am also extremely well-versed in game world lore for most major RPGs, D&D in particular, and weave it into my games as much as possible to add depth and life to the campaign world.


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