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Hi there! I'm Spencer, he/him pronouns are great, thank you! I'm a long-time DM with roughly 15 years of experience running games all the way back from 3e and now in 5e! I'm a published author and have homebrew classes, subclasses, races, and spells available on the DM's Guild, and I have a BA in English and Classics. I love telling and sharing stories with people more than anything, and weaving plots to feature my players' characters at the center of it all! - I have a lot of experience running both short- and long-term campaigns online, and over 2100 hours in Roll20. If you're looking to play your beloved original character in a game, I'm more than happy to build the world with them at the heart of the story. - My DMing style is very much a mix of story and adrenaline-filled combat, with plenty of opportunity to roleplay your heart out, whether with your fellow players or NPCs. Expect (and brace yourself) for plenty of wobbly accents and laughter in the process! - I love making homebrew, and I do so almost every day as a hobby! If you play in my games and want a custom race, subclass, set of spells, or more, please let me know and I'll make that for you in a heartbeat. - Video is a must for me! I need to be able to see everyone's faces to make sure I get the right body language cues and can keep the story engaging to all. While fantasy is always my first love, I also love science fantasy and blending those genres, and enjoy horror and comedy and the potential they have to make some reeeeally memorable games. If you choose to play a game with me, expect me to build a world around the aesthetics you have in mind for your character and the kind of stories you're hoping to tell.

GM style

As a GM, I love telling stories *with* my players, rather than to them. Expect me to be in character for every NPC, and while I've no great gift for accents, I'll do my damndest all the same. I love to roleplay, and my goal is to create fully fleshed-out worlds, so chances are I'll have answers for even your strangest in-character questions! I love combat (and giving my players a lot of fun stress in combat), but only to the point that the players enjoy it. The characters can be going through hell, but it's most important to me that you enjoy yourselves during the game. As a queer person, my worlds are going to be filled with queer characters. If that's not to your liking, that's fine, but you might want to find another game. Romance is more than okay (and even encouraged!) in my games, but only with express consent from the player(s) involved, and is always fade to black. Lastly, I like to build my story, regions and plot, around what you bring to the table! You give me your characters and backstory, we talk about how to make it work, and together we go from there.

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