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About me

Hi! My name is Sparks! I'm 22 and have been playing TTRPG's for almost 7 years now. Many of thise years have been spent leading the games as a Game Master! I love creating fantastical worlds and throwing my players in crazy, insane, moments. From silly, to fantastical, to the stuff of nightmares I've ran all kinds of themes. Between my voice acting, and story telling takents I always try to create submersive moments like what you would see on a big screen. I typically play DnD 5e but am always down to learn new systems. You can expect to see both modules and hombrewed stories run by me. Hope to see you at my table!

GM style

Using music and my voice acting talents I try to create moments you'd see on the big screen. I don't tend to favor combat or Roleplay as I'm very flexible about it. I'm a very "go with flow" type DM. I tend to integrate homebrewed elements and a number of house rules that I think elevate the experience. I run either homebrewed stories, or pre-written modules. Most games I run are high fantasy, and usually are designed to have a clearly defined end goal and a loosely structured path to achieve it, leaving how players go about said path up to them. I will almost always run theatre of the mind and sometimes make cool voice acted and edited audio introductions for my stories.


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