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About me

I am a professional game designer and developer with a passion for writing, and tabletop roleplaying games. My story is like many others, having discovered Dungeons and Dragons at a young age, I became engrossed in this fantastical world of make-believe. I devoured every novel I could find, and soon began writing my own stories for my friends to experience. Those first adventures were a little rough, but over the last 25 years, and hundreds of adventures across every genre, I've managed to figure out a thing or two. I have turned to StartPlaying in the hopes of guiding new groups of heroes and villains on fantastic adventures, terrifying tales, and thrilling mysteries. It's not enough simply to entertain, I wish to build memories that people will laugh about and reminisce on for years to come.

GM style

I am first and foremost a storyteller. Weaving a stong narrative, flavorful descriptions, NPCs with depth, and a reactive game world, I aim to create a game players can get lost in. More importantly, I'm not just trying to tell MY story, while the players are simply along for the ride. The best stories are the ones we build together. At the end of a session, I usually leave the party with a question on how to proceed, and then build my next adventure around that decision and their actions during the current session. In this way, not only the story, but the entire world shapes itself around them. I tend to shy away from maps and minuatures, and prefer to use colorful descriptions that fire the imagination. Where as some games would have you walking through a dungeon, mapping out every hallway and room, I believe simply montaging the boring bits, and jumping straight into the action. Finally, although I love to prepare mountains of content ahead of time, years of having players do the unexpected have honed my improvisation skills to a keen edge. When things go completely sideways, I have been known to improvise almost entire adventures, with the players having no idea I'm making it all up as I go.

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