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About me

I have been playing and running TTRPG's since 1984. It all started with D&D but I have run many other systems since then. Since April of 2020 I have been using Roll20 to run games for my regular group. I have been running modules but this is not what I normally run. I am a world builder so I tend to run homebrew worlds and settings and my smaller games, 3-4 players, focus on player stories with an overarching world plot. Larger games with 5-10 players focus more on the plot with party dynamics taking up more time, depending on the group. The Largest game I have run was a 10 player game using Dungeon World as the system, the party had been trapped and cursed to a box which they could not be too far from and had been dimensionally transported to a planet they would learn was a "prison" for Gods and God-like beings. I am currently building a couple of worlds. I also run campaign modules for 5E. The games I would run would be using D&D5E, Roll20 and Discord.

GM style

I have run a few modules in D&D5E which my players have enjoyed. I tend to run games which quickly ramp up into epic world threatening storylines, but I value roleplaying most of all. My NPC's also tend to have individual accent, voice and syntax. I do respect the rules of the system I am using and have used many systems over my life, even helped to create a couple for personal use. My current system is D&D5E and Roll20 using Discord for voice communication. But other games can be negotiated.

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