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About me

I love roleplaying games. I started as a player during my early teens and have been either a player or a DM ever since. Creating new worlds and all the culture and history and lore therein? Wonderful. Building characters and developing them through roleplay? Glorious. Describing scenes, battle sequences, and how an NPC reacts to the world around them? Perfection. Making up fun magical objects and twists and turns? Brilliant. At my virtual table, story >> rules... The limitations and chaos inherent with rules and rolls are there to enrich the story, not hinder it - they'll be integral but also remain flexible for storytelling purposes. I strive to blend PC backstories into the fabric of the storyline and provide a rich environment for character development and exploration, so every session/campaign/one-shot is unique to each set of PCs in it. 🏳️‍🌈♾️NOTE ♾️🏳️‍🌈 I run an inclusive space. At my tables, this means that I do my best to ensure that marginalized players don't have to deal with things like microaggressions or similar nonsense and can simply enjoy playing a TTRPG. Furthermore, my campaigns include positive minority representation both through plot and NPCs. If any of that isn't your cup of tea, then we're not a great match! My over-arching philosophy is that the real world can be pretty Not-Great, so we should be able to have fun - and win against the Bad Things! - in our games. Let's explore some wild worlds and fun stories together!

GM style

* Role-play focused * Story >> Rules * In-character actions = In-character consequences * Unique NPCs * Homebrewed items * Funny

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