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About me

If you want a good balance between serious drama and utter ridiculousness, I'm your guy. I'll bring the emotional damage while dropping puns left and right. I got my start back in the early 90's but didn't truly find my passion for TTRPG's until I found 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. I've also been running a few homebrewed Dragonlance campaigns for the last few years, and have happily introduced Krynn to many folks since. My games are always roleplay heavy, but can tailor any game to appeal to a group's needs and wants. Let's roll some dice!

GM style

🧙‍♂️Heavy Roleplay 👄lots of voices (some great, some not) 😎ridiculous npc names (very often puns) 😭emotional damage 🤣with levity throughout, 🤬and when amongst adults I free the f-bombs. 👴That said, I can run for all ages and experience levels. Want to learn? I am happy to help you. Though the best way to learn how to play a game, is to play it. The rest will come with time, and I have all the patience in the world. I've also been running and playing solely online virtually for the last 8 years, so I can certainly help anyone adjust to online play. If you are curious about my GM style, a lot can be seen on my Twitch page. I run and play in a lot of streamed games. Most games I currently run are set in Dragonlance using D&D5e. Upon request I can easily run a homebrew setting of mine or run a game set in thr Retroverse using Lasers & Liches from Chris Lock and Lluis Abadias. I can also run a Vampire the Masquerade game using the Revised (aka 3rd edition).


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