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About me

Hi! I'm Laia (she/they) and I am both a GM and player, mostly on DnD 5e campaigns. I have not been DMing for long, however, I'm super excited and willing to learn. I remember trying to get into role-playing for years, but as a shy kid with friends that weren't into this stuff, it was pretty much impossible. That's why I started DMing myself! I want to provide a safe environment, where everyone is welcome, no matter your identity or experience. So, how about you join me in this awesome journey? (and yes, pictures of cute animals are always included)

GM style

I try to keep my games as light-hearted as possible so, although I do also add the classic tragic backstories and mishaps for my players, there'll always be some sort of comic relief coming up. I also tend to be very open to non-core content, flavouring and such. I do my best to add any idea you might have, we're here to have fun, so if you want to be a pink owl that shoots sparkles I'll do my best to find a build that suits you and doesn't break the game. I'm still developing confidence when it comes to doing voices and playing characters, but I love RP, so expect me to at least try, even if it doesn't always work out. Also, when it comes to any self-made content, the simplest way to put my general aesthetic is as an Addams Family member, but I tolerate rainbows and cute animals (sometimes). Dark aesthetics really are my favourite, whacky characters and a lot of goth and punk themes and art.

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