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Craig Page

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Highly rated for: Inclusive, Storytelling, Creativity

About me

Bronx-Born, Jersey City-based GM, game designer, writer, and part time Jedi and Chaos Magician. Started as a LARP Storyteller for Mind's Eye Society, running Vampire the Requiem and eventually Mage: The Awakening. I've run LARPS and games in the TriState area from Urban Fantasy to Space Opera's and all in between. Finally began GMing at the table a few years ago with 7th Sea (which I eventually wrote for) and then DND, various Fate Core hacks and on and on. "GM's plan, and the players laugh." I like to set up beats in my games, and see how the players react and change things up. If a one shot ends the exact same way twice, I've failed somehow as a GM. I'm less about the numbers and more about the experience, and telling a fun story with everyone at the table. Always open to consultations about characters and settings.

GM style

I like to focus on the story being told at the table, combining the story the players want to tell, that I want to tell and what the themes and setting allow. I'm a firm believer in "Yes, and..." as well as "No, but..." You may not get the answer you're looking for, but you will walk away knowing something that may prove useful down the way. Ask, always ask, Ultimately, I want my players to feel like their decisions matter. If that means taking my entire plans and upchucking them, so be it, I'll salvage what I can. But I want my players to feel like their movements have meaning and have weight in the world. I often supplement this feeling by being very prop-heavy. Players have received letters, in universe documents, hand made items and things I've drudged out of almost 20 years of larp building to be used as physical representations.


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