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About me

Hi! I'm Scott and I've been running roleplaying games my whole life. It started when my older brother got D&D for his 10th birthday and he recruited 7-year-old me to be his DM. I've run all manner of games, but most of my experience is with D&D (minus 3.x). Two years ago, I got into Pathfinder 2e and that's been the focus of most of my home games since, though I have also run short Alien, Savage Worlds, and Starfinder games. I enjoy a good mix of roleplay and tactical play. I tend toward long campaigns with epic storylines in my home games, but I enjoy running short games as well. I've been running games on Foundry for three years and the recent OGL kerfuffle inspired me to bring my Pathfinder 2e experience to StartPlaying. I'm coming up on my StartPlaying first anniversary and it's been a great time!

GM style

I am a game-teacher first, tactical battler second, and storyteller third. I excel at bringing new people into new games and getting them up to speed. I tend to be an easy-going GM who will bend the rules for my players' benefit while holding my NPCs and monsters to a stricter standard. I love to homebrew a new rule element to make your character work perfectly. Whatever makes the game the most fun for everyone is my priority. In roleplay, I am a capable improviser who has worked as a voice actor in the past. I run module-based adventures and adventure paths, using the material as a base for a more customized story. During combat, I am mechanics-focused. My favorite TTRPG moments are when I've set up a difficult challenge and my players manage to overcome it in dramatic fashion! I used to stream games on twitch (link below) if you want a preview of my GMing style.


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