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About me

Ever since early childhood I loved telling stories. Back in late 80s and early 90s I had "Grimm's fairlytales" on cassetes (for Gen Z: analogue recording of voice/music on magnetic tape ;D), and loved listening to them over and over again, to the point that I had them memorised and during frequent travels by train I used to entertain our travel companions with those tales. Word. by. word. No wonder then, that when I first learned about a GAME that lets you TELL STORIES I fell in love instantly and this love is burning brightly for over 20 years. Even despite angering some ancient being into cursing every single of my dicerolls.

GM style

My rule 0 is "Everyone's job is to make sure everyone else is having fun" My fun comes from involving players in a story and watching how it evolves based on their choices and decisions. I firmly belive that actions should have consequences, be that good or bad, but choices do matter at my table, both small and big ones, When asked to explain what RPGs are in general I ofter compare them to love child of board game and theater, but theater, where only director knows the "script" and he has to adjust to main actors improvisation. There is no tolerance for lack of tolerance at my table. Null. If someone came to ruin others fun, Ill have no mercy and they will have one warning.

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