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About me

I fell in love with Dungeons & Dragons the summer that I graduated high school. It was like my imagination had been unleashed! My buddy sold me a milk crate full of Basic and 1st edition books and soon I was on to Marvel Super Heroes, West End's Star Wars, Toon, Shadowrun, and anything I could get my hands on. These days I play mostly D&D5e and Marvel Superheroic RPG.

GM style

For most of my time as a GM I put the story first. And I still think that's a valid GM choice, if that's what your players want. But over the last few years character agency has become my priority. I still aim for a good story, but I don't fudge dice rolls or hit points. If I want to tell a story where everything occurs in climactic synchronization, I can write a book. But I believe that the choices of the players should drive the story, not the choices of the GM. We control everything else. I enjoy acting and creating distinctive NPCs and immersive role-playing moments. I like to create unique story moments. I enjoy speaking in character in the first-person, but I've had great role-playing experiences without that.


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