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ANY OF MY GAMES CAN BE REQUESTED TO PLAY AT A DIFFERENT TIME Just send me a message and I'll see what I have open :) GM of D&D 5e and Dungeon Crawl Classics, I have a repertoire of many game systems such as Mork Borg, Old School Essentials, AlienRPG and much more that have offered themselves towards cultivating my GM style. I use a platform called TaleSpire to make my maps. While being online you can feel as though you are rolling dice in person, and there's no better way to replicate the scene a GM or module describes than to recreate it in 3D. I'll stream my screen to players without it, but for the full experience I highly encourage everyone to buy a copy for yourself. I aim to create one of the best VTT experiences possible for my players, I'm the friendly GM using the rule of cool above all but you'll be pushed hard for combat and deadly puzzles inspired by OSR rule sets and mechanics. Death may occur often at my table, but don’t let that dissuade you. In many of my games you will recruit and “bank” characters in your party. Send them off on errands, side quests, etc. For example, your side characters may be tasked with defending a level of a dungeon you’ve completed, they’ll still be relevant and if your current one dies you may pick one of the already established characters to join the rest of the group! This way, death is not as jarring as in most games, and your beloved characters are not forgotten by their replacements. If you would like any of my current games at a different time, let me know and I'll see if I can accommodate you! - Dungeon Crawl Classics Campaign (Level 0-10) - Portal under the Stars (Level 0, DCC & D&D) - Sailors on the Starless Sea (Level 0, DCC & D&D) - The Veiled Vaults of the Onyx Queen (Level 0, DCC & D&D) - Doom of the Savage Kings (Level 1, DCC) - The One Who Watches From Below (Level 1, DCC) - Expedition to Algol (Level1, DCC) - Incident at Toad Fork (Level 2, DCC) - The Croaking Fane (Level 3, DCC) - Tales from the Yawning Portal (Level 1-20, D&D) - Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Level 5-20, D&D) - The Sunless Citadel (Level 1-2, D&D) - The Forge of Fury (Level 3-5, D&D) - The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (Level 5, D&D & OSE) - The Accursed Den (MORK BORG) - Sepulchre of the Swamp Witch (MORK BORG) - Putrescence Regnant (MORK BORG, AlchemyRPG) - The Riddermound (DRAGONBANE) - Chariot of the Gods (AlienRPG) ...and more soon to come!

GM style

My GM style creates a gameplay experience that will feel laid back when and loose on rules for players who want to do what they want and get away with things for the sake of having fun, however I blend this with difficult challenges and rewarding combat that makes your survival not feel like a guarantee but a privilege that was earned. I'm inspired by OSR content and that old school gaming feel that is making a resurgence in recent game systems. I will reward you for Roleplay, I will challenge you with deadly Combat, all while dedicating my absolute best to creating scenic maps in TaleSpire that are both functional and beautiful. You deserve the best when it comes to your play experience! I hope to see you at my digital table soon enough!

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