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About me

My dad introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons when I was young , and my first real campaign was during 4th edition (yeah, THAT one). After 5th edition came out I tried my hand at DMing and fell in love with it. Creating something with the sole purpose of bringing joy to others through Game Mastering brought forth a passion in me. Usually I go for the more Epic Fantasy vibe, and if you like combat my games have a lot of it. I enjoy using homebrew content, especially that of Kobold Press - you can expect to find a few monsters in my campaigns from the tome of beasts or the creature codex, but don't expect mindless monsters dotted across the map with no reason; I'll often make entire adventures out of simple creatures. Never run into a fight without knowing at least a little of your enemy!

GM style

Players in my games have as much of an impact on the story as I do when creating it, I leave some portions of my written preparations open so that players can influence the direction of encounters. Monsters are generally a focal point to my games - I love adding unique monsters from Kobold Press's amazing monster books to the incredible world of Toril. Expect at least one line of quests in an adventure to build up to a legendary beast you learn of bit by bit before the encounter. Generally, you'll find me to be laid back and easy on the rules; if you'd like to do something interesting or cool I'll generally let you have a fair chance at succeeding. If you have any character goals and share them with me I'll make sure you get the chance to complete them. Most of my games take place in Toril (Forgotten Realms). I often use Roll20 for general role playing and I make my own battle maps on Inkarnate. Most of my games going forward will be using TaleSpire, a gorgeous 3D online TTRPG program on Steam. (TaleSpire requires everyone playing to have bought it) IF ANY OF MY GAMES INTEREST YOU BUT THE TIMESLOTS DON'T WORK FOR YOU PLEASE REQUEST A DIFFERENT TIME AND I WILL TRY TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR SCHEDULE!

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