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Sinlike [John]

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Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, World Builder

About me

Hello! I have been a DM and player of TTRPG's (mainly D&D's 3.5 and 5th editions) for many years and recently decided to try the digital format. I am slowly learning how to use different programs (Fantasy Grounds, TaleSpire, D&D Beyond, RPGScenery). As a DM, I love world-building and crafting intricate stories with players, so I tend to focus on RPG elements over combat (unless that is what the party enjoys most). During in-person play, I have enjoyed using a mixture of "theatre of the mind," physical tiles (Warlock), and printed maps for combat scenes. I have a Gargantuan Tiamat that I hope to one day use with my play group, but that will be many sessions in the future. To create a memorable experience, I try to encourage players to explore their imaginations and step out of their comfort zones. I will check in with each player and offer opportunities to showcase their characters' strengths and weaknesses. I ingest A LOT of TTRPG content regularly via Kickstarter and DriveThruRPG, and I prefer to use improvisation to supplement my planned material. I have found that this style allows players' creativity to be infused into the game more easily, and it also prevents me from being sad when content I've prepared is missed (and saves a lot of time!). I have worked in the support industry for several years, specializing in supporting individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities (especially Autism Spectrum Disorder). Currently, I am a Program Manger overseeing 2 respite programs and 1 full-time care facility (managing 2 supervisors). I LOVE team-building and group dynamics. I am open to teaching new players how to play TTRPG's and have great patience, however, I do not tolerate overt rudeness, insensitivity, or the inability to take constructive criticism. I am not interested in total party killing (unless the group specifically asks for it) or turning a session into "the party vs. the DM." The intended goal of my games is for everyone to have fun together. (And also to get more people to play TTRPG's!) I will update my profile as I become more comfortable with VTT platforms. At this time, I will be describing combat mainly through "theatre of the mind" and RPGScenery (when character/enemy position is important). Discord will be used for communication. We will always do a group check-in on lines and veils before play begins. Hope to game with you soon! Cheers, John =)

GM style

Loves and prioritizes roleplaying over combat. Encourages heavy player engagement to help shape the world, story, and action. Has many ideas to keep combat interesting (deeper enemy philosophy as detailed in "The Monsters Know What They're Doing"), but prefers to avoid long, drawn-out battles. Likes to implement puzzles when appropriate. Not the best with voices, but is trying to improve. Still learning how to use VTT. For longer campaigns/sessions, advises players to take notes. Welcomes all experience levels - from newcomers to veterans.


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