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About me

I love games so much I opened a game store! I've been playing TTRPGs since 1989. I started with WFRP moved quickly to Vampire then Rifts and Shadowrun. I spent a long time playing Champions before joining a 2 year long Earthdawn game, then a 4 year long Vampire Dark Ages game. In between all of that I played Paranoia, SLA Industries, Pendragon, Ars Magica, Star Wars, Conspiracy X, Rolemaster, Buck Rogers, more Rifts, more WFRP, more Shadowrun. In more recent times I've played more Shadowrun, facilitated Alice is Missing multiple times, was storyteller for Blood on the Clocktower (a lot) as well as given D&D a shot. I have experience with somewhere in the region of 70 different games/systems! I'm not overly attached to any one system and if I don't already know it I'm happy to learn it. I also bring a real Scottish accent to the table.

GM style

I enjoy exploration, the strange and unusual, clever players in both roleplay and combat, tactical combat and a healthy dose of roleplay. I really like unique games such as Alice is Missing so if you have a unique game you would like to play let me know and I'll check it out.

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