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Sillion L
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About me

Not just another long haired white dude. I bring the heat with acting training, an emphasis on player driven storylines set in rich sandboxes designed around player preference, and an ear for the unusual and novel in storytelling. I am willing to run DnD, Pathfinder, CoC or any indie offerings and alternatives a table has interest in. I also specialize in working sub-games into larger campaigns to enrichen the overall narrative and atmosphere, and larger campaign play to really flesh out your world. I'm an actor, author, podcaster and creative based out of central Texas with a deep-seated love for all things involving narrative focused TTRPG play. I'm deeply passionate about the indie TTRPG scene and sharing it with players new and old at my tables and with my Actual Play group the Godlings. If you want to see any actual play that I’ve played in, you can check out The Wildsea: Fallen Stars, the official Wildsea AP funded by its Kickstarter and Love & Hate in the Mana Wastes on The Gallant Goblin this year! I'm the creator, co-author and art director of ICHOR-DROWNED, a supplement for the TTRPG Heart: The City Beneath that's been featured repeatedly on Friends at the Table: Sangfielle, and am the co-author on an upcoming Sparked by Resistance game Bloodclotte, a Gothic medical drama. All of that writing can be found at

GM style

I prefer a narrative focus driven by player action and character development with a heavy emphasis on roleplay. I like rich relationships and in depth factions vying for grounded goals, alongside worldbuilding developed together. I'm not huge on crunch, but am flexible to build the best experience for the individual table and am fully willing to get crunchy if need be. I'm heavy on the roleplay, and play best with player at least willing to jump into the deep end of character motivations, playing scenes out, and a willingness to ignore optimal play for more interesting options. I don't play well with min-maxing game-breakers looking to crush dice and push the mechanical limits of systems. I can, however, accommodate tactical play if it's leading to interesting story-telling and good character moments - LANCER is my favorite system for this followed by DnD 4E. I like a sprawling plot, I like loose ends to be wrapped back together, and I like a world that lives and breathes with the collective effort of the table. Expect surprise returns, stand-offish rivals ripe for a tension (of multiple kinds) filled sword clash, and a long lost friend to return when you need them most. I think tropes can be employed without veering into the unbearably cliché, and that stories are meant to be shared and felt first, and analyzed second. Ultimately, I want to give you the kinds of stories that I have been blessed with over the years. Rich, complicated ones that bury into your soul and don't just entertain you, but shine light onto parts of yourself previously only half understood. The table is a place to explore, in more ways than one, and I want to be a part of that for you.


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