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I started DMing back in 2018 because I was well into D&D at the time but noticed that people really wanted DM's. I became the DM for a local group at the nearby tabletop shop and then eventually moved to doing it online because that was starting to pick up. I've been DMing ever since, and it's something that I love and am passionate about. What I love more than anything is making adjustments for my players. I allow homebrew within reason, love Tasha's optional rules if players want to use them, and do everything in my power to make whatever ideas they have work and come to life as long as it's not going to be to the detriment of the other players at the table. I employ various safety systems, and I am always LGBTQ+ friendly. At the same time I have enough experience to know when someone is going to be a problem, and I do my best to deal with them outside of the game where I can so the drama doesn't get dragged to the table if it comes down to that. I understand most people may not understand certain behaviors are annoying and tend to err on the side of simply letting them know and working towards fixing it, but if you've ever worked with people you know that doesn't always work out and some people will get defensive if confronted with their behavioral issues. If someone's behavior is an issue and they need to be booted I am always upfront with the rest of the players about it as well. Finally, my motto is 'life comes first' and I will never be angry with someone for having to miss a game or even fully drop out because things are going on in their life. All I ask is that players let me know as soon as they do within reason so I can adjust accordingly for the session they'll be missing, and we simply move on from there ^^

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I lean more towards the roleplay and storytelling aspects of the game with a little less focus on combat. I enjoy worldbuilding and open up my worlds to my players, letting their actions influence the world around them in ways that actually show.

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