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Real quick, why do we all play this game? What's it about? I come before you to say that DnD is about family before its about anything else. The bonds of the party, the bonds of the tablemates, the bond of players to the GM and GM to the players, is why we keep coming back and rolling the dice. When you're at my table, until you stand up, we're family, and we celebrate each other's nat 20s and redeem each others nat 1s. There is no dragon, no bugbear, and no evil empire we cannot defeat together. Take my hand and let me prove it to you. I started playing the game because the first boy I ever fell in love with invited me to his homebrew game after homecoming. That was in 2015. I'll never forget my first dragonborn fighter, and settling into a reptilian strength and courage that I had never known before. Over the course of a wonderful evening on the lake, the pair of us (GM'ed by my bestie's older brother) faced the horror of the haunted mansion on the hill, solved its terrible puzzles, and freed the ancestral ghosts of the barony. Call me a theatre kid, but I was hooked. I knew I would roll the dice again. I want to electrify you. To thrill and delight you with every twist and revelation. I want to tell a story with you, one that you can keep in your pocket and wear like a raincoat when things look bleak. If you see yourself in this passage, or you just like what you see, I hope you come sit at my table. Let's tell a story together, and let's make it one for the ages. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm right here. <3

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I'm passionate about pushing the Fifth Edition to its limits to have one of a kind adventures and provide joyous roleplay for joyous roleplayers!

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