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About me

Hello, I'm Shinii! RPGs are one of my main hobbies. I grew up reading and writing fantasy myself (which I still do), and playing a bunch of (J)RPGs. As such, I try my best to transfer my writing skills and game knowledge into making interesting NPCs and plots that use my players' backstories. I mainly focus on sessions for beginners, as I love teaching this hobby to people that are interested, but I've also run high-level games successfully! For my homebrew campaigns, I have a custom world, in which all of my players play (and some other DMs DM in!), because I like the idea of the players leaving a real mark on the country/world. Real as in, their actions have consequences that can be felt in other players' games!

GM style

I generally try to have a good mix of everything, however, I also adapt a lot to the players. I've had whole sessions with nearly nothing but characters interacting with NPCs and each other, and others with epic boss fights. If everyone has fun, that's all that matters! Expect interesting NPCs, challenging combat, a living world, a safe environment for people from all walks of life, and a lot of help and patience if you're new! Rules are good and I follow them most of the time, but I love creativity. Roleplay is greatly appreciated, I change DCs based on roleplay and/or creativity. That said, it is not mandatory if you're new and unused to it, the goal is always to have fun, and hopefully get you used to it! Last but not least, if you're not playing a module, my games take place in a world of mine called "Aesos". You will not be the only party playing there at the time, and so each group's actions can have consequences for other groups, or players to come!

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