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Syd (Shawk)
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About me

Hey there! If you're looking for a narrative, player-driven, inclusive experience - I'm your chef - no wait, game master! My gaming ingredients are: šŸ„© protein-packed - I love games with real chewable moments for players. Dig into your feelings! šŸ« fruity - I'm a part of the LGBTQIA2+ community and my ideal games reflect all sorts of diversity, neurodivergence included <3 šŸ„¬ nutrient dense - love lore? love digging into complex and interconnected systems? we stan a story built around the players! ā˜•ļø warm and cozy - I aim for an experience that draws players together and fills our buckets! Safety tools are a must! Check out the available games or contact me for a custom one-shot or campaign pitches! Here's a little bit more about my time in and out of the kitchen (game world!) My day-time job involves writing collaborative programming for children, corporate America, and all the stops between - so while I've only been in the ttrpg space for a few years, I've been in the collaborative game experience most of my life! In those years, I've gm'd and ran games for 5e homebrew, powered by the apocalypse system games such Brindlewood Bay or Avatar Legends, FitD Games like Blades in the Dark and Slugblaster, and one page games from like Rat Chef, Lasers and Feelings, Cracker Barrel has Fallen, Honey Heist, etc - really anything I can get my hands on. I'm the ~librarian~ of my ttrpg circle, constantly backing or supporting new games on kickstarter, patreon, or drivethrurpg. I enjoy creating a homebrew experience or tailoring content for the game my players want - so they can shine in their roleplay, character growth, and community. Current obsessions include: BattleBots on HBO Max - I've been binging all month! Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote - ultimate narrative cozy time Any Cooking Competition Show!

GM style

I'm a narrative first, player focused game master! My games primarily revolve around exploring internal and external conflict, combat as a narrative tool, and collaborative decision-making. We're more of a writer's room - and player input is welcome and encouraged! Players can expect: - a collaborative experience built with and for my players - little guy npcs - to be provided all necessary materials for the game played - rule of cool šŸ˜Ž - twists on cosmic horror - evolving and inclusive lore - to have a silly time if they want a silly time! I'm big in safety tools like XNO cards, Lines and Veils, Open Door, and CATS (concept aim tone subject) are all a part of my games.


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