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About me

Hello everyone! It's Shatargat! I'm a gamemaster with Turkish nationality, who runs his games in English since mid 2022. I'm a game designer and scenario author, and I mostly use these skills on my games. My main genre in everything is horror. I really like horror, occultism, supernatural stuff, mystery and other dark themes as well. I personally prefer heavy and extreme touches on the games, but I know that I can meet people on the common ground, and bring fun into these dark games. I'm also a content creator in my native language. And companies like Chaosium Inc., Helmgast, Free League Publishing and Renegade Game Studios support my content, and I introduce their game to my local audience. I also started to publish my own creations in English, under the name Black Dragon Tomes. My first book is YZE-inspired game called Lost Echoes. I'm also working on other personal projects, too. I believe that friendship, and, understanding and tolerating each other is the most important thing in life. Without communication, we cannot find a good place to have fun, right? BTW: If you have any special request from me (like running an extremely niche game such as Invisible Suns), you can book me with the price on my profile. I always enjoy to tryout new things, or provide specific games, but that requires more energy and work load, that's why the booking price is a little different than the regular announcements.

GM style

Most of my games are mixture of a theater of the mind, and some visual support. I don't like to stick and limit myself with battle grids. I don't like crunchy games much. Despite being said, Mörk Borg is one of my top favorites. I always bring a little different approach on Mörk Borg to create a terrifying story, but I also encourage my players to take their action on battlefield, as well. My most favorite game is KULT: Divinity Lost. If you know what kind of a game it is, you can also see some of the marks it left in my mind and soul, in my games. I like self-exploration approach on games, because I think that it helps developing a deeper and meaningful character. Your character is important in my game. Even if they die in the first couple of minutes :) If it's not a one-shot, I always make a session zero to introduce the game rules and my rules to my players, create their characters, and I gladly answer all questions. I never expect my players to memorize every details of a game, which I don't either. I generally dive deeper into a game to understand what kind of logic they used while creating it. And I try to stick with that logic unless I want to make changes. If I make any change, I let my players know both the rules as written and the changes I did. I always run games for everyone, and that means, well, everyone. That means my games are always LGBT+ positive, ethnical roots diference positive, and also they are for people who have any kind of TTRPG experience. My games are always beginner friendly. That means a newcomer and an experienced player can join the game together and have similar level of entertainment. You don't believe me? You can always check the reviews. Wanna try? I always have an open seat for a game.


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