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About me

"I am every game's master." Hello everyone! Shatargat here! I'm a Turkish based gamemaster who also design game mechanics, and write scenarios. I'm in this hobby since 2001, and for last couple of years, my YouTube content are supported by companies like Chaosium Inc., Free League Publishing, Renegade Game Studios, Mongoose Publishing etc. My main genre in everything is horror and dark themes. Horror, mystery, occultism and stuff. My favorite game system is KULT: Divinity Lost, and Mörk Borg. I'm good with any Free League Publishing games, Call of Cthulhu, Avatar Legends, Shadowrun, VTM, and obviously KULT and Mörk Borg. Actually I know a lot more games, and I have lots of resource, but since people kept insist on D&D for the last decade, I stuck with it. Now while I'm here in this platform, I believe I could both improve myself, experience and experiment new stuff, while meet with people with unique gaming taste.

GM style

English is not my native language, and I have some sort of anxiety about talking. But I'm trying to overcome this obstacle. As much as I overcome this, I will run lots of chaotic horror and mystery games! I generally stick with the base mechanics of the game, but I improve ones I think they need to. I want my players to take opportunity for a detailed character. I want to see how their characters feel. I always try to reward creative solutions, but sometimes creative ideas may not have a successful result. My main focus is having you a good time with desired, uncommon games. Everyone is welcome to my table if they are 18+ and not a jerk. Everyone means everyone, so it's LGBT+ friendly. I don't state this generally, because I see everyone as equal, so I never needed to state it before. Being respectfulness is the most important thing. I know and acknowledge that people could have some sensitiveness about topics, but "too sensitive" people should pass my games. I don't like to disturb people's sensitiveness, but I don't want to censor my games, too. So, I could decrease the scene's context to a certain level, but they won't disappear. You may not hear its details but you could see a gored out body corpse in a bloodshed room.


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