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About me

Are you new to TTRPGs? Expert? Neither? Great. I've been telling tall tales and conjuring mysterious worlds since the 90's. I love every aspect of RPGs, so we'll emphasize the parts you enjoy: Maybe Role Play? Intrigue? Exploration? Tactics? Puzzles? Old School? Post-Science-Apocalypse? Space Comedy? No idea? Let’s find out. All ages (adults, teens, pre-teens), levels, approaches and styles of play are welcome at my table. Radical inclusivity is my game, including allies of all kinds and those who don't feel the need to identify as anything. Each player is unique, that's what makes RPG's fun. In-person games are way better than online, so if you're in the Los Angeles CA area and want to play ACTUAL ;-) D&D/TTRPGs around a physical table, let me know. A player once vividly recalled an adventure on the moon in a game I ran, but she couldn't recall the room we played in or the other players— only their characters, immersed in another world. It was humbling to hear this, and it inspired me to create similar experiences for players like you. — Parents: I taught art and game design to every age from middle school to university for 20 years. I also ran an after school D&D and I have a master's degree in teaching and learning. I've seen first-hand how these games unleash young imaginations, support social & emotional development, empowerment, language arts, logic, organization, math, leadership, collaboration, creative problem solving, etc. To be perfectly honest, what I love most about running games for young people is how much I end up learning from them.

GM style

My approach is adaptive and my games are player-focused. I like doing voices, improv, and hamming it up. If you dig challenging tactical scenarios, I can bring the crunch— if not, we'll weave compelling stories and explore evocative settings. I like it all. I'm happy to run published adventures or homebrew it all from scratch. Player preferences are my top priority. You might prefer sandbox-style play, or chasing a main story arc; I'm comfortable with both. My default mode is a stew of adapted published adventures and homebrew, flowing organically between story arcs and sandbox. If you enjoy world-building, I'm happy to collaborate on settings, backstories and lore. I aim for the world and its inhabitants to become living, three-dimensional opportunities for you to live your adventure and develop your character. The only thing I love more than surprising players is when they surprise me. I prefer: — Saying "Yes" to your ideas — Rule of Cool — Rules-As-Fun If learning rules is fun for you, let's dig in. If it bores you, unopened books make great rolling surfaces, we'll keep 'em closed. A good game table balances the preferences of its various players, so I keep communication lines open and enjoy checking in with each player outside of game. I'll run almost any system you want to explore. I have extensive experience with every edition of D&D, many other RPG's, and I'm already using OneD&D playtest material. I'm also excited to expand my experience with other TTRPG's I own like Shadowdark RPG, Powered by the Apocalypse, and FATE.


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