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About me

I have been a DM since New Years Day in 2014. I started playing D&D with the 4th Edition Box Set. I wanted to try tabletop roleplaying for the first time and decided that being the DM was the leading step; someone had to run the game after all. Since then, I transitioned to 5th edition, when it released, and have run over a dozen campaigns. I've run prewritten modules (adapted to my players' experience!) and homebrew worlds. I've also dabbled in other systems (both as a DM and a player) like Stars Without Number, Star Wars RPG (FFG), ASOIAF RPG, Mass Effect 5E, and Star Wars 5E. What you can expect from me: A DM who focuses on your experience through every step of the process. Our Session 0 will be legendary! We'll create characters together and weave their stories in such a way that makes their bond the focus of their adventure; whether you like to frontload your character's backstory or develop it as you learn who your character really is. I also have quite the list of homebrew rules I've developed over the years to enhance the 5th Edition experience, but we'll unanimously agree whether they'll be in play. As I'm typing this, One D&D is being playtested, so I'd love to incorporate those rules (or not! Again, whatever we decide to do, we'll do it together).

GM style

The core of my GM style is player integration. The player experience is my number one priority. Aside from that, I love doing dramatic voices for NPCs. I like to have combat take place on a grid to limit the strain on players to remember combat specifics, but it also allows them to come up with innovative combat tactics. I love roleplaying, but don't feel pressured to put on a show every session. I'll adapt to your preferred level of roleplay.

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