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Seiso Banchou

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Seiso Banchouhe/him

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About me

Hello all! I have been playing D&D and various other TTRPGs for over 20 years. I started with 3rd edition, took a quick step back to play some AD&D, jumped in the puddle that was 4th edition, skirmished with Pathfinder, and now run 5th edition at our local comic book store for a group of over 30 players (but not all at once, mind you!) I'm hoping to stream the content we play here, but I'm more than willing to do off-stream games for player comfort. I enjoy all sorts of settings (for D&D, my favorite happens to be Eberron) and sometimes I will work in my off-time constructing some homebrew settings for my in-person players. I welcome everyone of every experience level at my table from beginners to veterans. We can all learn something from one another, I believe. I hope to do this for the fun of everyone here, as well as a side-job from my own full-time job. (Gotta support Mama and Baby Banchou!) I promise you to be fair and give as much as I get from all of you. Let's roll some dice!

GM style

Roleplay, character voices (over 10 years of theatre experience), adaptive to situation as well as character backgrounds. Longer games will allow me to fit in more for YOU. I will often ask at the end of the session things you liked, didn't like as to improve the experiences for next time. Keeping elements people enjoy and adapting others people did not.

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