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About me

I balance liberal interpretation of game rules and openness to player creativity with a wicked sense of danger and challenge. I incorporate my love of mathematics, philosophy, music, ancient languages, and history into the worlds and stories I create. In short, I create the kind of tabletop games that I myself would want to play in. If you want a fun tabletop roleplaying experience that will occasionally ask you to think and feel, then you and I can play games together.

GM style

As it says on my main "About" section, I run the sort of games that I would like to play in. To wit, you can expect the following elements to pop up in my games. Worlds grounded in history and myth: Lovingly crafted worlds or locales that draw upon the richness of the human past. I typically start with ancient and medieval Europe as a starting point, but quickly branch out to draw in elements taken from other, more oft-neglected cultures and eras. Risk, Reward, and Creativity: I think about the scenarios of my games in terms of offering players meaningful choices. Any given objective will have multiple ways to approach it. Often, taking the path that requires greater creativity or higher risk will yield greater results. I use liberal interpretations of the game rules to provide full room for creative shenanigans on the part of the players, a liberality which I balance with... Deadly, dynamic combat: I don't use random encounters, and I try to avoid having combat for the sake of combat. That said, when fights do occur, I make sure that they test the daring and tactical acumen of players, and present a real threat. I think of every combat as a puzzle, with various ways to engage. You'll often encounter creatures and groups of enemies nominally above the difficulty guidelines for your character's level, with the understanding that stratagem or guile will be necessary. Tales of tears and laughter: My favorite parts of The Lord of the Rings books was the moments in which the Fellowship take breaks from their adventures to recite poetry or debate about pipe-weed. In that spirit, I try to create space in my games for characters to relax, be themselves, and show a gentler side than they would in the course of non-stop adventure.

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