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Jake Dannenberg

1 year on StartPlaying

17 games hosted

Highly rated for: Voices, Creativity, Storytelling

About me

Hi! I'm Jake Dannenberg, well JaCOB but Jake sounds less fancy. Anyways, I've been a DM for quite a few years now. I've ran many games that have gone in many directions. From running the module "Out of the Abyss" and battling the Demogorgon as he tries to take over the Underdark to a homebrew game that I'm currently creating that takes the party across the Great Wheel Cosmology to fend off an encroaching Elder Evil. I like to think that the biggest aspect of tabletop games is the imagination, and if there's no limit to our imaginations then there's no limit to the fun we can have at tabletop games! Of course there's the mechanics but that's semantics. I'm eager to play games with all of you guys whenever my schedule allows! Which, surprisingly enough, is commonly very open.

GM style

I'm a big fan of roleplay but also of combat. The rule of cool being something I especially enjoy. However, combat is the most technical aspect of tabletop in general, and who likes to leave things up to chance at every moment in a given situation? I much more prefer the roleplay side of things, since that's the most immersive part of tabletop in general. If you find yourself joining one of my games, you can expect a lot of talking with NPC's and even multiple occasions where villains you encounter in my games could be reasoned with. I will rarely have a situation where the BBEG is just a big and mindless monster that has no interesting character traits. OF COURSE THAT ISN'T TO SAY THAT I WILL NEVER USE MINDLESS MONSTERS, but nonetheless! I hope that if you are joining one of my games, you love to play characters and interact with NPC's, monsters, villains, and even animals if you have the speak with animals spell.


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