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About me

Hey, I’m Will. I’m a midwestern nerd with too many TTRPGS on his shelves and not enough people to play them with. Having voice acted for various shorts, published a few TTRPG adventure paths in the span of my 8 years of running games, created a city awarded TTRPG library program for teens, I have a deep passion for the medium. Getting to voice act and tell stories with friends and strangers weekly has been the most enjoyable aspect of Game Mastering. With over 8 years of running games, 11 years of creative writing, and 8 years of voice acting…. I still don’t know what I’m doing. But I like making stories with groups of strangers, celebrating their successes and overall making sure everyone has a blast while we create. I do Online and Offline games (Specifically East Michigan Area). Reach out today!

GM style

I’m a character focused GM. I make storylines based on what players come to me with their characters so that each of them feels like they’re the main characters in their story. When running custom campaigns and some prewritten sandbox campaigns, there is an overarching plot in the background, but the main beats will always be based on what players have seeded with their backstory. I work one on one with players to really help them get into character with written prompts, off the cuff questions during gameplay, and moments for them to shine in the story. I also try to make sure every NPC they come across is unique and memorable. Be it voices (as a voice actor I do have a wide range), mannerisms, or backstory connections, these NPCs will be multifaceted and flawed instead of cardboard that disappears into a liminal state whenever you’re not directly talking to them. When running games with tactical combat, or combat in general, I try to have some objectives available instead of “kill or be killed.” It is a viable option to run, and face to face fighting isn’t always going to be the goal. Of course, the rare occasion offers the “to the death” combat. There might be random roaming monsters, or a Boss will desire to go down swinging. No prisoners. Based on party wants and needs, I will adjust accordingly. I am highly flexible in offering engaging fights! I run PG-13 games, and have a checklist I ask players to fill out before campaigns and oneshots. I am your advocate. I do not tolerate bad faith players. I also bring atmosphere to the games for complete immersion, be it musical cues, in world environment noise, and silly voices.

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