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Scott V

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About me

Years ago, when I was working on my psychology degree, I went to a campus gamer meetup to try to find people to play cards with, but I said "Sure, I'll try this Dungeons and Dragons thing." I rolled an Elf Ranger that day, one of my favorite all time characters. Pretty soon I was buying RPG books and making my own worlds from scratch. One little decision can lead to a lifetime of fun.

GM style

I think the ideal game is a balanced approach: great acting throughout with some hard puzzles and deep challenging combats. But I'm all for giving the players what they want, so my campaigns are player-driven sandboxes. I will happily give the players more combat, more roleplay, etc if that's what they are asking for. And it will all take place in a highly-detailed and well thought out world, right down to the voices of the NPCs.

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