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Highly rated for: Knows the Rules, Storytelling, Teacher

About me

Hey, y'all! I'm Scott and I'd love to run a game for you! I'm a professional adventure writer and the author of upcoming Adventurer's League modules set in the dread continent, Thay. I have a background in film, screenwriting, and theatre (and a couple awards for fantasy/horror writing!), but TTRPGs precede it all. I've been playing weekly since I was a 10 and I still look forward to my next session every day. I run a safe game -- LGBTQ+ and BIPOC friendly, safety tools, up-front discussion of expectations. I don't mind whether I'm running the narrative-heavy, high roleplay, political intrigue game or the XP-tracking meatgrinder! It's all storytelling, collaboration, and fun around the table.

GM style

I want to make my players feel like they're in their favorite TV show and they get to be the star. Fantasy adventures should be cool, fast-moving, and dramatic If laboring over a book for a ruling or trudging through aimless quests sounds no fun to you, I'm the GM for you. I run high-octane games in systems I've designed for and have memorized. Lets get to rolling dice and fighting dragons. I adore narrative, tactical combat, and creative problem-solving all too much to pick between them. What balance my game strikes between them is for my players to decide! Sample audio My home group buys a Strahd doll from the toymaker Blinsky in Barovia, but it comes to life and they have to go back to the store [3 minute clip]: My home group starts the session in a bad place after trying to stuff a hag in an oven before it phases through the oven, cackling [1.5 hour session, CW: language, offscreen child harm, dead animals]:

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