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About me

Your adventure awaits! I have been playing TTRPGs for over 2 decades, though I have spent most of that time running them for other people. I think I actually enjoy running adventures for other people more than I like playing them myself, though I still play in a game here and there, including a weekly Pathfinder 2e. I have hosted games for Dungeons & Dragons 3.0, 3.5, and 5, Pathfinder 1e, Pathfinder 2e, Aliens, Call of Cthulhu, amongst others. I am working on learning and developing games for Fallout RPG and the new Walking Dead RPG, as well. I am an avid believer in being prepared. I tend to put a whole bunch of extra touches in my games. For instance, narrative box text is not read by me but by sound files that have been prepared in advance, making these smooth and immersive. I always do a Session 0 for character creation, world background, and more importantly, to get some background on your characters so I can weave them into the story. It's a nice touch to have characters be part of a story and have their own personal quests that pop up, rather than just being an actor. I have run games for experienced groups and also for beginner groups. All are welcome. I look forward to running adventures for you. Let's have fun gaming together.

GM style

I am adaptable to the player's preference. I enjoy both roleplaying and combat and will let the players drive how much they roleplay vs. go right into combat. I am not afraid to necessarily kill PCs but I root for the players and do not actively look to kill characters. My ideal tough encounter is where everyone survives but expends a lot of resouces.

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