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About me

I have long been an avid storyteller, and I look forward to creating amazing stories with you. My games include fun homebrew creatures and mechanics, and unique and interesting premises. I'm a fairly laid-back GM, open to players trying out homebrew classes, races, and items. I also strive to run tables that are safe and fun, for everyone. You're sitting at a table, the old wood smooth under your fingers as you scoop up the cold smooth dice, turning them in your fingers. The small woman in front of you looks up, and with a smile, says, "so what do you want to do?"

GM style

As a GM, I believe that tabletop roleplay is a chance to immerse yourself in stories that are more personal and meaningful than literary masterpieces - because they are created for you and the other players at the table above anyone else. To this end, I enjoy using tropes and themes chosen specifically with the table in mind. I GM with a heavy emphasis on roleplay, but I do enjoy a satisfying combat that supports the story at hand.


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