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About me

Sup. I'm Ryan (he/him), a dungeon master and visual artist. I started dungeon mastering when I was a wee nerdling and fell in love with it at first roll. I like to push the story to help players experience fantastic character driven experiences together. Let's forge fantastic experiences together through D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, Pendragon, or whatever your jam is. What do I offer? - Character-driven games that can be as short as a session or as long as several years. As long as you love your characters I can keep Game Mastering. Why me? - I adapt modules and sessions to star the player's character, creating arcs - I focus on epic sessions full of art, maps, and music to create a vivid experience. - I have been tempered by the mechanics of power gamers, bathed in the wisdom of great GMs, and tempered into a GM with steely resolve. - I make games focused on roleplaying, immersion, and combat - I also use humor. My games are a safe space for LGTBQIA+ players, players of all races, and neurodivergent people. I will bring up lines and veils and use safety tools during my games to make sure that you all feel safe at the table. D&D is for everyone.

GM style

I forge adventures around characters to make them the star. I prefer heavy roleplay - though I am a novice at voicework. That said, I have done dungeon crawls and tactical adventures if that will make the character shine - I try to focus on the story that brings out what the players want and what allowed the characters to thrive. For this reason, I have sessions 0s to figure out what you are most excited about, what sort of fun you are looking forward to the most, and how to make all the characters shine together or as a group. For this reason I usually prefer themed games, but I usually provide the start, and I love adapting to a player created theme that goes deeper. If a player joins late I do a new session 0 (20 minutes estimated timeslot) to figure out how I can make this as amazing of an experience as possible for everyone. I run games rules-as-intended (RAI) instead of rules-as-written (RAW) when possible.

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