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Rusted Ralph The Ginger GM

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About me

Howdy, adventurers! I am Ralph, the first Game Master of many and last Game Master to none. I've been GMing since I was 8 years old (17 years!) and have spent all those years working on "fun first" design and quick on my feet conflict resolution. My life to this point has been spent as the forever Game Master of many groups, usually introducing people to new systems and ways of exploring the TTRPG hobby. However, I still have a deep admiration for the classics like D&D and Pathfinder, I love those games, but always encourage people to venture forth towards new horizons (in and out of game). Above all else, my main priority as a Game Master is to make sure that my players are playing how they want. I'm not going to force anyone to do voices or pressure them to role play more. Everyone has different levels of comfort and it is my job to match them at their individual levels and make them feel like the heroes (or villains) of their domain! I run homebrew as well as prewritten settings, though I love making a unique world for each group, I understand wanting to start with a more structured and well known universe. However, if you and your group decide that a unique world is what you want, a unique world I will provide! I am vastly experienced in the world of homebrew, whether it be races, spells, cultures or anything else, your heart may desire. I love the challenge of connecting everyone's desires into one seamless world, fit only for the adventurers who inspired it. I hope to be running a game for you soon, whether you be a questing veteran or a bright eyed aspirant hungry for adventure! My worlds are always ready.

GM style

My Biggest strength as a GM is something I like to call my "fun first" design style. Others have other names for it such as "rule of cool", or "rules light play style", but my specialty is in both respecting the rules, while allowing for little twists. This allows for each player to have as much fun with each encounter, and feel like the heroes (or villains) they are striving to be. I am also all too familiar with introducing people to different systems, as well as TTRPGs as whole. This has led me to have a skill set specially tailored to teach rules quickly and coherently to even the newest players. This translates directly to playing with experienced players as well however, everyone's got something to learn (myself included of course). So long as we all have a well of experiences and knowledge (hobby related or not) to pull from, that will always lead to the best games. Lastly, I would like to reiterate that I am a huge fan of learning new systems and expanding my ever growing library of TTRPG experiences. If you or a group of friends are interested in trying a new system and need a GM, I feel more than confident in my ability to drive that ship for you. Whether it's a system I currently know or not, I am always willing to learn.

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