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About me

I'm a podcaster, streamer, and game designer. I was the GM of Prism Pals Volume 1. I'm the Keeper of The Burned Bunch, a streamed Monster of the Week Campaign on Off The Table's Twitch channel. I've also written a Tier 3 adventure for the Electrum Best Seller, Unbreakable Volume 1. I love games that focus on character narratives, collaborative story telling, and rising heroes. If you give me a backstory, I'll create twists and turns that will surprise and thrill you. Every detail is important, every action has consequences, and every story is worth telling.

GM style

I follow the players' lead. There is a larger narrative I normally have in mind, but it changes in response to the players. I like to build worlds that are influenced and changed by the characters, rather than contain the characters within a box. I love character roleplay, but I won't ever force it. As long as you're trying a bit or letting your boundaries known, I'll be happy. I love building NPCs and at least once a campaign you'll meet a very wacky NPC. Even NPCs I randomly create will have some sort of backstory from me. I'm not a huge fan of grueling combats, so wargamers beware. I prefer theater of the mind and descriptions of scenes rather than minis and maps and heavy combat strategy. When relevant, I'll ask you how things look, ie. what your character wears, what their magic looks like, how they focus, etc. I enjoy building intense scenes through descriptions and roleplay, letting the players choose how to proceed in life and death situations. My biggest GM belief is "If you wanna try something go for it! Just know that some things will have consequences." I'm a big fan of failing forward, so consequences will normally keep the game moving forward without outright telling a player no or punishing them. Note: I use they/them pronouns. Respect my pronouns or find another table.


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