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GAMES RETURNING APRIL 2023 Playstyle 5E with homebrew mechanics for ease of play and immersion age rating: 18+ somewhat mature themes Experience I DM for all experience types, taking time to fill the community with beginner games. I also enjoy running intermediate games and massive campaigns that run to level 20! I use Roll20 for visuals and maps and voice is run through Discord. Who am I? I have been playing TTRPGs for around 7 years and GMing for the past 6 years. My games host a lot of opportunity for RP and exploration, puzzle solving, with at least 1 encounter/session. My games offer dynamically lit maps, custom made top-down character tokens, NPCs rooted in the world, an open compendium in D&D Beyond, and massive sandbox style play. I always prefer the Rule of Cool and RAI over RAW. What are the rules? Be kind to one another, don't interrupt unnecessarily and don't be a rules-lawyer. We're all here to have some fun and to enjoy the game.

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5E with homebrew mechanics for ease of play age rating: 18+ somewhat mature themes. Rule of Cool over RAW.


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