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About me

I am not a voice actor, but I did star in my high school one-act! :) I've been running published and home-brewed D&D5e adventures for friends since I re-discovered the world's greatest roleplaying game back in 2016! I've played quite a few memorable characters during that time both behind the DM Screen and as a player character. I've got a D&D themed YouTube channel called Roll To Hit and I've just recently published my first DM resource on DriveThruRPG: my Wilderness Exploration Tick Sheet. So, are you ready to play Dungeons & Dragons?!

GM style

I love shared storytelling so my style is definitely geared toward shaping a compelling narrative. To that end, the more a player can bring their character to life, the better I think the experience becomes for all! To put in terms of the three pillars of adventure, if I have to order it from most to least, then it’s usually: social interaction/role playing, exploration, then combat. I use character voices to bring NPCs to life so be prepared! Finally, even though these games will be virtual, I’m a Luddite when it comes to D&D so I like to get as close as practicable to the physical game table environment. I use real dice, a real table, and often even use my own real DM screen to track things like marching order and initiative order.


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