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About me

Hello everyone! I'm an Italian DM with years of experience. I really love creating stories and I've learned a lot during my career as a narrator. I find writing boring and lonely, so I decided to become the best DM I can be. I'm multilingual, and I can run games perfectly in both English and Italian. I know Spanish as well if you want to give it a go, but I have never played in that language yet, it could be fun to try. I do live in Italy, but I have a flexible schedule, so the time difference shouldn't be a problem. I can schedule around having a game to run at 4am(GMT+1) no problem. For online play, my top pic is Roll20, simply because it's free and I've been using it for years so I'm quite skilled with it. If this takes off, I'll consider upgrading to the paid version or switching to some other virtual tabletop. I prefer to use Discord to handle the calls, both video and just audio, according to the party's preferences. With discord I can use bots to add playlists with music and ambience effects. If you decide to pay for my games, I can promise the utmost professionalism in my performance. Since you're buying my time and skill, I'll be sure to bring my A game every session. Per my policy, Session 0 is a consultation, and as such it's always free. It's important that you get to know me and your future party members before potentially wasting money and not have a good time. My top priority when running games is to make sure my players are having fun. That means different things for different groups, but as I said, I'm quite adaptable. If you have fun, I have fun too. Come with, there's Dragons to slay!

GM style

My games are narrative-driven more than rule-crunchy, and I have experience in various systems, even a couple that I'm sure you've never heard of. I am open to a plethora of themes we could explore together, and I'm very adaptable to the DMing styles required by different groups. I will gladly play with newbies to the hobby, as well as child-friendly games. The opposite is also true, I'm available to DM hardcore veteran groups in complex and heavy campaigns (as well as 21+ rated games). I'm kind of a History and Language enthusiast (I'm majoring in translation), and I tend to incorporate concepts from my studies into my games. I tend to not bring current, real-life politics into my games in order to avoid stress and drama. In my homebrew setting, all societal and political situations are a result of cause and effect in a world that has been expanded and built upon for the last 7 years. However, if the whole groups agrees, we can interject whatever real-life topic is desired.


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