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Rob the DM

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About me

Hi everyone. I've been a DM for about 15 years now. I've run everything from fully built home-brew worlds, official modules, silly one shots, and everything in-between. We started a DnD night at a gaming center in California and had around 30 players weekly with 6 DM's running rotating games, and a few long term campaigns. I miss the in person play, and the amazing community I helped create, but we have to shift with the times and I've worked really hard to be able to shift to online play. I would love to run your party through any kind of adventure your group is looking for. Something heroic, spooky, funny, mysterious, and everything in-between. Please message me, and let's set something up. This is my passion, and I would love to share it with you.

GM style

My number one rule is to make sure every player at the table is having fun. I try to make sure that the story is engaging for all the players at the table, and make sure that everyone is enjoying the story being told. I work hard to make sure that the characters are as real as possible, the lore is interesting, and that nothing distracts from the most important part of the game, the players. I've run every type of game under the sun, and created a DnD night where we had 30 plus players weekly. I love teaching new players, and bringing more and more players into the hobby.

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