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About me

Kia ora friends, fiends, and Mum! My name is River, I'm a 27 year old Māori guy, I'm from New Zealand, I'm a game developer, and you're on disaster date! I'm a fun-loving, freewheeling guy, who has a passion for the world of TTRPG's. Not only have I been DMing Table Top Rolly Polly Guys for 5 years now but I also have been developing my own game 'Tāne's Tales' for 3 years, which is due to be kickstarted in December. When I'm not playing table top games, I'm developing Tāne's Tales a Pacific Island TTRPG, creating art, or working. I work as a student advocate for a university, so I'm very familiar with team work and catering to the needs of others. Even though I'm from New Zealand, don't panic my schedule is very flexible, whether it be 4pm or 4am, I'll be there. A typical River campaign includes: voice acting, live music, great roleplay opportunities, a decent mix of light and fluffy whimsy, comedy, and serious narrative driven moments. Due to the horrible fact that I am an artist, I tend to make a lot of art for my games, and I love to make use of visual queues. Essentially, my goal is to work with my players to tell the best story we can and ensuring that we all enjoy ourselves in a safe environment. Sometimes to achieve the best gaming experience you have to bend the rules a little bit, that's why I tend to run my games using the rule of cool. My game's are all friendly and safe environments for all walks of life, my only rule that I won't bend on is having respect for one another. I am familiar with a broad range of TTRPG systems, I love both homebrew and official campaign modules, so needless to say, I'm your guy for a good time. So book me today and may all your dice rolls natural 20's (even on the d4's- MATH!) Now get off my lawn, you dang hooligans!

GM style

My GM style tends to be light and fluffy where possible but I add a lot of peaks and valleys to ensure that campaigns aren't all one note. I think it's essential to have those moments of despair and sorrow to break up the fantastical frivolity. Picture this! I left the stove on and caused a baked beans fire. I run out of the house with haste but wait!?!?! I have forgotten my kids inside. My oldest child Combat, the middle twins Exploration and Puzzles, and the youngest child, my favourite daughter, Roleplay. I rush in to save them one by one from the burning bean building. I rescue Roleplay first and make sure she has all of her favourite things. I have to make multiple trips to get all of her requests. As I'm in for the fourth time, I advise combat to get the twins and jump out the window, while I get Roleplay's favourite book, 'Pretty, pretty princess goes to the ball". Everyone makes it out but Exploration has a broken leg, Puzzles is coughing heavily from the smoke, and Combat has a bit of singed hair but is hanging in there really well. Roleplay though, well... she couldn't be in a better condition. I love comedy, I love silly and goofy but I can get serious too. I'm really just a mixed bag. Roleplay tends to come first with me, combat close behind, and puzzles soon after, but then exploration ruins the family name. Voice acting is something I do a lot of, I do like intense and meaningful combat that happens for a reason, and I tend to lean towards homebrew games. I love including character backstories into the main story and just working with players to help them to create the best characters and stories that they can. I just love having fun!

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