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About me

He/Him || Hispanic/LatinX || Bi/Ace || Neurodivergent Howdy, I’m Riddly! Welcome to my table! I’m a Mexican-American born to immigrant parents in Los Angeles. Growing up, I cut my teeth on 80’s and 90’s action, sci-fi, and fantasy movies and video games. This stuff had a huge impact on what I wanted to be and sparked my lifelong passion for storytelling. I didn’t really have a conduit for story-craft until I heard the D&D live play show The Adventure Zone. I was enamored and I had to try running a game. I had no idea what I was doing, but I grabbed a group of friends and we figured it out as we went. A few sessions in, I remember describing a scene in detail to the players, and I felt as if everyone at the table was really seeing the same scene - the looks on their faces told me they were totally immersed! After we all shared that magical moment, I was hooked, and I haven't stopped chasing that feeling since. While D&D was my first love, I’ve also run games in other systems like the Alien RPG, Vampire The Masquerade, and Blades in the Dark. I’ve channeled the movies, games, and books of my youth into learning to build an immersive world and craft a compelling story through the lens of TTRPGS. You’ll probably notice their influence if you sit down to a game with me. See you in Session Zero!

GM style

The most important thing to know about my GMing style is that I am passionate about creating, vivid, dynamic, fulfilling games that feel immersive enough to make you suspend your disbelief. I love the prep almost as much as the gameplay, and I like to craft grounded NPCS, intense, dynamic combat, and a rich world so player creativity can flourish. I bring my passion to these games, and I want to share in your passion for TTRPGS to make my games feel like your games - I’m not the star here, you are! And if I can make you all feel like heroes just for an evening or for a whole campaign, I’ve done my job.


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