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Rich B

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About me

Meet Rich, a budding Dungeon Master with an unwavering passion for storytelling within the realm of tabletop role-playing games. Though relatively new to the world of dungeon mastering, Rich brings an infectious enthusiasm and a player-centric approach to every adventure they craft. A lifelong fan of fantasy and adventure, Rich stumbled into the world of tabletop RPGs and discovered a newfound love for crafting immersive and dynamic game worlds. What sets Rich apart is their dedication to putting player choices at the heart of the narrative. Every campaign, every session, is a unique and collaborative journey shaped by the decisions and imaginations of the players. In Rich's campaigns, the players aren't just participants; they're co-authors of the story. Rich revels in the unpredictability of tabletop gaming, and their games are a testament to the beauty of emergent storytelling. Whether it's the rogue's cunning escape plan, the bard's heartfelt diplomacy, or the barbarian's bold charge into the unknown, Rich is committed to creating a space where every character's choices matter.

GM style

Encounter design is what originally got me into TTRPG's and it still gives me the passion to run games. I love watching my players come up with unique and extraordinary ways to handle whatever situation is thrown at them. Who wants to stand still and wack at a goblin? Cast a spell while running away on a flat plain as they're being walked down by the big bad guy? You have creative solutions to unique problems and I love to bring that out.


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