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About me

Retired after thirty years in the public service. I do art, photography, cosplay, and of course TTRPGs. I've been playing games since the eighties. TTRPGs have evolved since the days of ten-foot-poles and monster morale rolls; nowadays GMs are here to tell a story, and to be fans of the characters. I ran a series of streaming games for Penny Dragon Games (find the playlist on YouTube ( Ask me anything!

GM style

I'm here to tell a story. I am vehemently opposed to the "cruel DM" styles of adversarial play that used to be the norm that Old School-style play sometimes tries to bring back. I want the players to be immersed in a cooperative game where we're all telling a story together, even if we're not strictly playing in a player-facing game. I borrow rules from many games, and houserule as required. I'm a fan of the characters, and I want them to succeed! We just have to tell the story of how that happens. My games are entirely inclusive of all real-life peoples, cultures, sexual orientation and gender identity. We love: - players who play to find out what happens. - players who say "yes, and". - players who encourage other players' character moments.


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