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About me

You can check out my work here :) I've been DMing Dungeons & Dragons for years now and I have loved every second of it. I’ve been using roll20 exclusively for many months and have put a huge amount of effort into knowing the VTT inside and out. I strive to provide the best experience I can for each of my players and look forward to laying out an adventure for you and your PC to play through.Teaching new players the game is something I deeply enjoy and I am always looking for opportunities to bring new people into the wonderful world of D&D. Hearing the excitement of a player rejoicing after their first critical, or that of a seasoned player succeeding on a crucial skill check never gets old and if I could run sessions every day of the week I would.

GM style

I tend to lean more towards a rules as written game, but for the sake of keeping the game moving will sometimes go with a rules as interpreted approach. That being said I am always open to hearing new and interesting ways to bend the rules to our will so will sometimes go with the rule of cool, especially if the situation is roleplayed well.

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