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About me

Have been GMing Games since 2006, I have created my own system based loosely on fantasy flight's D100 system for use with modern and sci-fi settings, specifically I have a space based and post apocalyptic setting fully flushed out. I currently use Pathfinder 2e for fantasy games, though I am versed in 3.5, pathfinder, and 4e DnD. I have also run most of the Dark Heresy family of games, except for Dark heresy 2e.

GM style

I enjoy roleplay, open worlds, and open choices for my players. I have detailed rich worlds that players can explore, from the smallest facets of named NPCs in small shops and stalls to the macro of fully functional economic and trade systems. Furthermore, I will happily run either a Central Plot driven game or create a large world filled with intrigue and let the players decide what they would like to do and how they would like to do it (Sandbox). Fun is the first priority, and player engagement and challenge are important to me. I hope to have my players become as invested in their characters and the world around them as possible, and that is achieved best I believe by roleplay and character growth. I am highly skilled at tactics and combat and tailor the difficulty of encounters based on the skill level and desire of a group to engage in such. I believe a GM is first and foremost the universe around the players. What I mean by this is that it is the GMs job to provide the engagement mentioned above, to flesh out the details of the world, to play the NPCs, and to make and uphold the laws and rules of the physical space the players occupy. Being a GM is not about conflict with the players, and I don't see games as a "them vs us" affair. Sometimes in this role you will play enemies to vex a party, and other allies to help, but if the players triumph you win as a Game Master.

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