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About me

An infatuation was formed at 13 when playing my 1st RPG (as Ghost Rider in a Rifts game) and a romantic flame was lit. This RPG mistress would mysteriously dip in and out of my life over the years, with few and sporadic games of various types (including some, but limited, D&D). Fast forward to the release and popularization of the streamlined 5th Edition, a late night run to get new games and what turned into a fateful reunion. From that day henceforth, there have been none since without the D&D muse singing her sweet melodies into my heart and my mind. I have DMed many campaigns for children, men, women, friends, family, strangers, online and IRL. I have a passion for bringing new and outside elements into game play, especially at in person sessions. I also enjoy blending OSR flavor into 5e for a more Grimdark feel. Though customizing options to optimize game play is the nuance I enjoy, and believe leads to a more enjoyable experience.

GM style

I run a game that is open to all walks of life, humor, and expressions other wise not detracting from game play. At the table I believe things like: tact functions better than general Political Correctness and that we are big-kids and understand how respect overrides conflict. In the game however: Rule of Cool wins the day over being in the Rules Lawyer waiting room and especially that Creativity is paramount even over Character Sheets, but mostly... Victory > Everything! A DM strength of mine as reported by a previous player: "well flushed out world/ setting", and a weakness: "felt like there wasn't the time/ availability to tend to everything in game". I am an Army Veteran and appreciate tactics on the table, but know not everyone does. I offer discounts to Vets, except Navy. Jk, hop aboard Seamen! I would especially like to run for people who find it hard to join groups to play these games we love. Whether it be a physical impairment, social phobia or just wanting to stick to text (PbP) I hope to offer games for that niche.


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