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RM Sean B Jaffe

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, World Builder, Sets the Mood

About me

R.M. Sean B Jaffe is a writer and designer with a background in tabletop gaming and over ten years of experience in the industry working for companies like Griptonite, Eschaton Media, Steve Jackson, and White Wolf Game Studio. Sean's been running games for three decades, and has a deep appreciation for old-school pop culture and new-school play styles. He's familiar with dozens of systems, from AD&D to WoD to various homebrews and is able to kitbash and configure mechanics on the fly when necessary. He's a published designer who has worked on such diverse lines as White Wolf's World of Darkness, Eschaton Media's Dystopia Rising, and Steve Jackson's In Nomine. These days he's the creative director for the game collective Nerdy City and the creative force behind the retro-inspired RPGs "Rememorex," "RPG Nasty," and "Commandroids: A World Transformed." Sean lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with his wife, his dog, and a fanatical devotion to action figures, old-school arcade games and tabletop RPGs. He can travel within the NYC area to run games, he is a bad enough dude to save the president, and for a reasonable fee, he can be convinced to rise from his grave and rescue your daughter.

GM style

Sean is drawn towards sweeping, epic gaming that's deeply grounded in role-play and player experience. He uses music and even video presentations in every game to really give the sessions the feel of a special event. He's not rules-averse, but a firm believer in the "rule of cool" and a narrative-leaning storyteller. He's very adept at playing a long game, and building up the PCs and their world.

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