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About me

~The fog rolls in, and with it a lone figure. His features are hard to make out, but he slowly raises a gloved hand and presents a 20-sided gem of unspeakable power. "Care to join me for a tale?" asks The Stranger.~ My name is Rev, though my GM-sona is The Stranger. TTRPG's are an experience that can't be found anywhere else. I will defend that point to the death. I love imagining cinematic moments, comedic discoveries, emotional hardships, and badass finishing moves on epic bosses that both tell a story and make a player's character feel like an unparalleled paragon of awesome! I have an extensive background in improv comedy, having been performing weekly shows since 2004. Because of this, I'm never set on what "should" happen in a campaign, I'm interested in what we, as a group, will discover together! I've run D&D (5e is my jam now), Vampire: The Masquerade (the original White Wolf stuff), Savage Worlds (I will run a Rippers campaign in a heartbeat), the Firefly RPG, and even a Red Dwarf roleplaying game. I'm currently learning the ropes of Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition because I'm also an English teacher and, y'know, Lovecraft.

GM style

I've gone through every style of GMing over the years, so I'm adaptable to whatever a group wants, but my overall favorite style focuses on strong roleplaying, memorable characters, atmospheric enhancement, and a cinematic feel emphasized over strict rules-following. The Rule of Cool is often the dominating influence at my table. I love shenanigans (within reason, of course) and while I can do dramatic and heavy, I'm definitely more inclined to run campaigns with a large dose of humor and whimsy. I prefer having minis or online tactical maps during most combat, though I can do Theatre of the Mind in a pinch.

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