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About me

Hello adventurers! I started playing DND with 5th edition but have been consuming DND media my whole life. When I finally started playing, it became a fundamental part of my life which lead me to DMing more and more. When the pandemic hit I invested in going fully digital - a Foundry Sub, all the content on DND Beyond, Patreon maps, the whole nine yards. I've automated the things that bog a game down so that we can Roleplay and move through combats at a speed that feels responsive and natural. At first I started DMing because I wasn't satisfied in the games I was playing in - it often felt like there were no stakes, like nothing bad would ever happen to our characters. Beyond that I saw other players treating each other poorly and DMs not stepping in, or continuing to play with people who disrespected the other players. While those things were true - I simply just prefer to be the DM. I like to put myself in the shoes of the people, monsters, and other dungeon denizens. I enjoy crafting a challenging experience that feels like you're dealing with real people and creatures, and not just hitting the beats of a scripted story. If you want to experience a living world, and have your decisions matter, sit down at my table and we'll all have a blast! Remember, you're the players, I'm just the rest of the game

GM style

I like to adjust my style to the campaign. When I run Dungeon of the mad mage, naturally there is more exploration and combat. When running Call of the Netherdeep, interaction with the cities and characters can become critical. One constant though, is I always try and play the NPCs true to their character - my combats feel authentic (but don't worry there will be foreshadowing if a fight will be tough!).

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